Noah's Haitian Adventures
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Yesterday I lost my first tooth in two years. All I was doing was eating pop rocks. One tooth started hurting every time I used it. Finally I felt a tooth come out. I went to my house and showed my mom.After that I went to look for more pop rocks.


I was thinking about makeing a cookie business because I like to bake cookies.I have a few problems though,I don’t know how I would get the supplies andI don’t know how much money they shoul be.If you think of a good price can you put it as a comment or on facebook.

This week I got rollerblades. I have been having lots of fun. thank you Journey Church familys who donated rollerblades for me and my brother.


The past two or three days there was a hurricane.  It didn’t do anything to the mission but we don’t know about outside the mission.  Some people from MOH are going to see what happened and they’re going today.  The people who are going are going to split up to the villages.  I have to go with them because my parents are going.  Before the hurricane there was nothing to do.


Today I didn’t do much at all.  I stayed up around our house all day.  For today that’s all.


I like to catch snakes, lizards, tarantulas, crab, and tad poles.  I like to adventure and camp in the mountains.

When I was camping in the mountains I saw a rooster fight.  A rooster fight is when some people catch roosters and about two times a week they have them fight.  The people have a ring that they have the roosters fight in. Sometimes they fight to the death, sometimes not.

Up in the mountains the Haitians were adding on to a church.  The team and I helped pour and make the cement.  The next day I did more cement pouring and making in the morning.

The reason I was in the mountains was my dad took a team he had up there.  The team and I had fun.  In the afternoon we came back to Mission of  Hope.  I had the best few days of the week.