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My Adventure in the Mountains

I like to catch snakes, lizards, tarantulas, crab, and tad poles.  I like to adventure and camp in the mountains.

When I was camping in the mountains I saw a rooster fight.  A rooster fight is when some people catch roosters and about two times a week they have them fight.  The people have a ring that they have the roosters fight in. Sometimes they fight to the death, sometimes not.

Up in the mountains the Haitians were adding on to a church.  The team and I helped pour and make the cement.  The next day I did more cement pouring and making in the morning.

The reason I was in the mountains was my dad took a team he had up there.  The team and I had fun.  In the afternoon we came back to Mission of  Hope.  I had the best few days of the week.


One Response to “My Adventure in the Mountains”

  1. Noah- love your blog! glad you didn’t write about saving goats…

    Miss you!

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