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The Hurricane

The past two or three days there was a hurricane.  It didn’t do anything to the mission but we don’t know about outside the mission.  Some people from MOH are going to see what happened and they’re going today.  The people who are going are going to split up to the villages.  I have to go with them because my parents are going.  Before the hurricane there was nothing to do.


2 Responses to “The Hurricane”

  1. Good morning Noah, I am so glad that MOH wasn’t hurt during the hurricane but I sure feel bad for the poor people living in tents. I am so glad God has given you such a big heart for the Haitian people and are there to help them. I sure love reading your posts. You better be careful with the snakes, that makes Aunt Dee kind of scared…….but I am sure you are careful:):) Well, keep posting about your day and tell mom, dad, & Caleb that Aunt Dee said hi & love them all. Also, if you have any specific prayer requests please post them so I know what else to pray for you about.
    Aunt Dee

  2. Noah, I know you will do a good job of helping the people get their homes back together and with building the new construction. Get those working shoes and gloves on!!! Love, Mimi

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