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Cookies to Die for and Rollerbldes

I was thinking about makeing a cookie business because I like to bake cookies.I have a few problems though,I don’t know how I would get the supplies andI don’t know how much money they shoul be.If you think of a good price can you put it as a comment or on facebook.

This week I got rollerblades. I have been having lots of fun. thank you Journey Church familys who donated rollerblades for me and my brother.


3 Responses to “Cookies to Die for and Rollerbldes”

  1. noah, your cookies are the best!
    they are definitely worth more than the average cookie, so i think i would charge about $8 a dozen… but for your favourite teacher, you should cut the price in half! hehehe!

  2. you should charge $1.50 for a pack of three cookies. it would be wise to add a tax of .50 for extra profit margins.

  3. Love your writings Noah. Keep up the good work.. and don’t eat too many cookies.. or at least wear them off with the rollerblades. I’m sorry, but there’s no way to get you cookie supplies anymore. How about baking papayas!
    Love, Mimi

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